6 Key Garden Tools..

  • Garden Trowel: used for up-close digging and planting, mixing and smoothing of garden soil, and all around moving of small amounts of material. Most famous amongst gardeners, this tool will be your right hand man (or woman.)
  • Hand Cultivator: could otherwise be known as your left hand man, is used for light up-close digging and raking around the base of plants. Great for fluffing your garden soil and rooting out leaves, weeds, and other debris.

  • Pointed Spade: another great tool for digging, but specializes in tough dirt and rocks. With a longer handle its perfect for big to small projects while being more easy on your back.

  • Pitch Fork: short or long-handled. Perfect for lifting, throwing, and mixing of loose garden soil and materials.

  • Bow Rake: long-handled and made of heavy-duty construction for all your big to small projects. Primarily used for raking up material, loosening and leveling of soil, and weeding.

  • Hand Pruners: also known as heavy-duty type scissors, are great for trimming plants, shrubs, and taking on hard branches.


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