Do Plants Love Music?

If plants could talk, I swear they would stop you at the door and say, turn around, before you go, put on Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of The Heart.” Apparently my garden plants are fond of summer night 80’s music.

Researchers have proposed that two genes involved in plant’s reaction to light are switched on by music played at the 70 decibel mark, this is about the sound level of a normal conversation. Researchers found that the higher the sound frequency wave the more active the gene response is. Plant life reacts readily to a number of factors, as the ability to adapt to their ever-changing environment is vital for survival.

For example, wind or vibrations will induce changes in plant growth, while other studies show conversations may just not be enough. Plants that are exposed to windy like conditions produce a growth-retardant hormone which causes the plants to be shorter, with more thick stems to adapt. As for speech, carbon dioxide levels do influence plant photosynthesis, but you would need to spend several hours a day to influence plant growth.

Even though some contest that a soothing voice or classical music works wonders for their plant life, the scientific evidence is quite minimal. So while the best musical vibrations and the most intriguing story’s in the world still won’t bring your plants water, perhaps it’s fulfilling enough to know that maybe, at least they’re listening.

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